03 Aprile 2018

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The Golden Bun: “Greece’s Hidden Gem: Karpathos”

The Golden Bun: Greece’s hidden gem: Karpathos

what to visit, beaches, hotels and more!



I’m terribly sorry for my last ironic post. Karpathos is one of the dreamiest islands I’ve ever been to. There’s everything you’ll need for the perfect summer holiday – most beautiful bays, cool sport activities, relaxed and oh so friendly people, enchanting villages (especially Olympus in the dawn, a sundowner in Arkassa, long nights in Pigadia…). Here’s a more detailed guide to Karpathos! And yes, point four of my 10 things I hate about Karpathos post is true! Amandine and I will fly back in autumn to look for some land. Why not?

So let’s do this! Everything you’ll need to know about Karpathos!

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